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A Roadmap to “I made this mug cake mix in no hours…”

Continue to sing this song because it's true! You can actually make our mug cake mix in a MINUTE! Ok, back to the point :p

These past two months have been pretty exciting at Cake Pop Rush as we conducted two fun contests.

The first contest was the #HarEkFriend contest which was in collaboration with BaeKit Fresh.

For this contest, I made a fun friendship day song using Airtel's, Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai Ad Campaign!

I made it into a baker's edition showing all my baking buddies!

We got an amazing response with a lot of creative participation! The top 20 participants got our chocolate mug cake mix and a discount on BaeKit Fresh and Cake Pop Rush dessert mixes.

This led to the continuation of the #MyChocolateyCreation contest where all the participants had to make their chocolate cake creation using Cake Pop Rush's Mug Cake Mix!

All our participant's mug cakes looked delicious but of which five stood out the most for us!

1)Creamy creations: The mug cake can only be made in the microwave or OTG but she baked it in the cooker and turned out to be amazing! She added apricot and honey to give a unique taste to the mug cake.

2)Baking Bites had the most creative and unique flavor combination in her mug cake as she added rose essence, pistachio, and rose milk!