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We all love baking and creating new desserts! But when it comes to shooting it for your social media, you sometimes tend to get stuck. And you end up taking okay-ish photos and manage somehow with them!

Valentine's Day is coming!!! I started making products for my limited edition collection.

While thinking of the photoshoot part of it, I thought of doing something quirky. I designed these elements, printed them, and cut them out. I used them around the main product to add some character to the image.

Here are a few images of how I used it!

Along with those elements, I also used a chevron ribbon as an add-on element.

I wanted to share my designs with you.

Print it on an a4 size sheet and use it in your creative way!

Here is the link to download it:

Share your work with me by tagging CAKEPOPRUSH on Instagram and leaving a comment on this blog post!

Lots of love and sprinkles,

Sravani Siram

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