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Check Out Some Of My Favorite Teen Bakers Creations After Attending My Cupcake Workshop

Hey, I’m Sravani Siram, owner of Cake Pop Rush. I’m a home baker running my business since 2013! During the lockdown, I introduced Online Baking workshops! And currently, we are having some over-the-top workshops!

Other than baking, the thing I love about my job is teaching my students! The entire process of conducting a workshop, from ideation to curating the desserts and the workshop, requires a lot of hard work but you know what is the best part about it? When I see my students bake, learn and get the best experience from it!

So a couple of weeks ago, I conducted The Ultimate Cupcake Workshop, and let me tell you this, eating a cupcake is so much fun, it fixes everything! But when it comes to baking it, there are so many things that could go wrong like runny frosting, overbaking, not getting the right batter consistency and those small details that make all the difference! But don’t worry, in this workshop, I'll be letting you in on my most well-kept secret that I have been perfecting for the past 8 years i.e., my go-to EGGLESS cupcake recipe!

Let’s hear what some of our talented students have to say…

1) Adarsh Mandhyan is one of the most talented home bakers that I've come across. He made our Glam Jam cupcake and just look at the outcome! This is what he has to say about our workshop.

”Hey, this is Adarsh Mandhyan, a proud, 15 years old, owner of @bakes_mith on Instagram, who discovered this passion for baking a year ago and I have been loving it ever since!”

“I attended @cakepoprush ‘s cupcake class and without a doubt, I must say it was a great experience and investment because the class gave me a great sense of the cupcake world! The cupcakes are super tasty, moist, and spongy and they were super easy to make! And from looks, they obviously looked as cute as @cakepoprush herself.” :-)

2) Khushi made our We're gonna party like it's my birthday and Sprinkle Me cupcake in the class and this is what she has to say!

”Hey, my name is Khushi. I am 21 years old. My Instagram handle is @_dreamy_mix and I am a home baker from Ahmedabad. I love cooking and baking. I started taking orders after the lockdown’’.

“I attended the cupcake workshop, and I must say that I learned many hacks and secrets about baking from this workshop. It was truly a great experience. I must say if you want to learn cupcakes with various effects and techniques, Sarvani di (@cakepoprush) is the best. She taught us very peacefully. Without a doubt, this was the best cupcake workshop ever!”

3) Shruti Kale is a very creative and eager teen baker who recently started her baking business and this is what she had to say about our class!

“I am Srushti Kale, a 19-year-old culinary arts student. Each person has different hobbies and goals in life. Baking is where I found my passion. It’s something that makes me happy and feels


I love baking or cooking for my family, my friends, and all my lovely clients. Last year during the pandemic I started my Instagram page '@mei bhi bhukkad' where I showcase my work and I have even started taking orders.”

“So I attended this Ultimate Cupcake workshop which was conducted by Cake Pop Rush. My experience with the workshop was amazing. It was fun learning so many new things and doing it LIVE with everyone! The way she taught us, the techniques of working with chocolate, everything was just perfect! She solved everybody's doubt very patiently. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. It was amazing to learn new things especially from her."

4) Gursheen is one the cutest bakers I have come across. She was a winner of our reel contest and she had made all the 6 cupcakes that I had taught in class and this is what she had to say!

”Hi, I’m Gursheen Kaur, a 14-year-old home baker. Baking is my passion.

I started from selling chocolates to cakes and after a lot of mistakes, failures I finally achieved to make the first perfect cake. A tip of advice I would like to give my fellow bakers is that never stop trying and your hard work will definitely pay off.”️

"The class was amazing. You cleared every doubt that I had in the class very patiently. The fun part about the class was decorating the cupcakes with you! I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. You took cupcake decoration to another level!

My personal suggestion for you all is that you will learn a lot of tips and different baking techniques. Apart from baking these six eggless cupcakes, the class covers different frosting recipes and center filling. I strongly recommend everyone out there to join this class.”🤍


Anyone who is passionate about baking and wants to learn can attend this. From home bakers to professionals.

This workshop will include:

👩‍🍳 6 EGGLESS Insta worthy Cupcakes!

📽 LIVE bake along with Sravani

(founder, Cake Pop Rush)

🗒12 & 13 June 2021.

🕟 4 PM‑8 PM.

For more details and class registrations please click on the link below:

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