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Healthy Avocado Ice cream!

I believe in eating dessert every day! That is my lifestyle choice! And that is why after a lot of experimentation, I managed to make a full-proof Healthy avocado ice cream!! Just look at the texture!

A few tips on how to get a perfect ice cream texture:

  1. Make sure you use super ripe bananas. Cut them into pieces and freeze them. I put them in a ziplock bag for the ease of storing in the freezer.

  2. Use dutch processed cocoa powder. All the chocolatey flavor comes from cocoa powder in this recipe. Good quality one makes all the difference.

  3. I used oat milk in this recipe! But feel free to use any other non-dairy or dairy milk(if you don't want a vegan recipe)

  4. The ice cream might become a little icy since it is not made in an ice cream maker. In case that happens, Microwave it at 10 seconds intervals and keep mixing it till it looks a little shiny. This way you are getting rid of the tiny ice crystals and without melting the icecream!

Healthy Avocado Ice cream


125g Frozen Banana

165g Avocado

40g Coconut cream (unsweetened)

125g Oat Milk

3 tbsp Cocoa Powder (dutch processed)

18g Honey


  1. Cut bananas into pieces and freeze them unto they become hard as a rock.

  2. In a blender, add all the ingredients and BLEND!

  3. You can eat it as it is (It will have a soft-serve texture)

  4. Transfer it into a bowl and cling wrap it touching the surface. This is done to avoid ice formation. Freeze it for 1-2 hours.

  5. Remove it from the freezer and mix it. You will notice that the icecream closer to the edge of the bowl would have come hard.

  6. Cling wrap and freeze for 1-2 hours more.

  7. Remove it from the freezer and beat it till it becomes light in color. If it is too hard, Microwave it at 10 seconds interval mixing it after every 10 seconds.

  8. Your ice cream is ready to be served!!

Here is a Video Link to the recipe:

Lots of love and sprinkles,

Sravani Siram

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